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  • Less Stress
  • nutraMetrix Isotonix Bromelain Plus
  • nutraMetrix TLS ACTS
  • Less Stress
  • nutraMetrix Isotonix Bromelain Plus
  • nutraMetrix TLS ACTS
  • Customized Wellness:
  • nutriPhyiscal
  • Isotonix Custom Cocktail
  • Transitions
  • AutoShip
  • Optimal Health Optimal Health
  • The 21st century is stressful and fast-paced, with unhealthy air and water, not to mention adulterated foods. The Foundation of Optimal Health Regimen�

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  • Vision HealthVision Health
  • Declining vision is a result of the normal aging process. In fact, the leading cause of blindness in Americans age 60 and older is simply age. Why should we wait�

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  • Blood Glucose MaintenanceBlood Glucose Maintenance
  • Every year we are faced with weight gain and sedentary lifestyles. With more food and more fat, we see widely fluctuating blood glucose

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  • Bone and Joint HealthBone and Joint Health
  • Active people as well as the elderly often need joint support. The Bone and Joint Health Regimen includes nutraMetrix Isotonix� Calcium Complete and our glucosamine�

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  • Energy and Endurance HealthEnergy and Endurance Health
  • No better nutraceutical combination can be found for healthy hepatic function than in the nutraMetrix� Liver Health Regimen. Nutrametrix Curcumin Extreme��

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  • Female HealthFemale Health
  • The Female Support Regimen includes nutraMetrix� Female Support Formula for menopause and premenstrual syndrome (PMS). This...

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Your Health News

  • Eat Healthy to Keep Your Memories

    Do you find yourself forgetting a lot of things?  Wish there was some way to help improve your memory?  Well look no farther than what you’re putting in your mouth!  Studies have shown that a heart-healthy diet is crucial to the health of your memory, and have pinpointed specific foods to help you in this endeavor. These foods contain chemical compounds called flavanoids.  Flavanoids are what gives fruits and leafy vegetables their color, and there … [ Read More ]

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  • Shaky Hands and Essential Tremor Disorder

    Do your hands shake while performing everyday tasks, such as applying cosmetics, shaving, answering the telephone, writing, or working on your computer? Do your hands shake uncontrollably while lifting things or performing strenuous tasks? Did your tremor begin or become noticeably worse around the age of 40? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you may have essential tremor (ET) disorder. Essential tremor is the most common movement disorder, affecting up to 10 million people in the …

  • Adult Americans Fail at Healthy Behavior

    Researchers at both Oregon State University and the University of Mississippi decided to explore the U.S. adult population and their adherence to “a healthy lifestyle.” They set forth four basic parameters to define healthy behavior, all of which are known to protect against cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, and are associated with other health problems. These included a good diet, moderate exercise, a recommended body fat percentage, and being a non-smoker. Giving additional value to this study, it was …

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