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  • Happy Mom, Happy Home
  • nutraMetrix Isotonix Maximum ORAC Formula
  • On The Go OPC-3 Chew
  • See Your World Better
  • Happy Mom, Happy Home
  • nutraMetrix Isotonix Maximum ORAC Formula
  • On The Go OPC-3 Chew
  • See Your World Better
  • Customized Wellness:
  • nutriPhyiscal
  • Isotonix Custom Cocktail
  • Transitions
  • AutoShip
  • Optimal Health Optimal Health
  • The 21st century is stressful and fast-paced, with unhealthy air and water, not to mention adulterated foods. The Foundation of Optimal Health Regimen�

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  • Vision HealthVision Health
  • Declining vision is a result of the normal aging process. In fact, the leading cause of blindness in Americans age 60 and older is simply age. Why should we wait�

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  • Blood Glucose MaintenanceBlood Glucose Maintenance
  • Every year we are faced with weight gain and sedentary lifestyles. With more food and more fat, we see widely fluctuating blood glucose

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  • Bone and Joint HealthBone and Joint Health
  • Active people as well as the elderly often need joint support. The Bone and Joint Health Regimen includes nutraMetrix Isotonix� Calcium Complete and our glucosamine�

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  • Energy and Endurance HealthEnergy and Endurance Health
  • No better nutraceutical combination can be found for healthy hepatic function than in the nutraMetrix� Liver Health Regimen. Nutrametrix Curcumin Extreme��

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  • Female HealthFemale Health
  • The Female Support Regimen includes nutraMetrix� Female Support Formula for menopause and premenstrual syndrome (PMS). This...

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Your Health News

  • Anti-Aging – The Hormone Influence

    Staying healthy, active and energetic as you age is possible. While many adults accept changes in body composition, energy, sexual function and mobility as natural parts of aging, there are many factors within our control that help protect against the visible signs of aging. There are countless ways to support a healthy, vibrant aging process including a diet rich in whole foods, limiting processed foods, reducing exposure to environmental toxins, staying active, getting enough sleep … [ Read More ]

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  • Benefits of a Dairy-Free Diet

    According to the USDA, the average American consumes 36 pounds of cheese and 24 pounds of ice cream or other frozen-dairy products each year, along with 200 pounds of milk and cream. However, the consumption of all dairy products has been steadily declining since 2005, with 22 percent of Americans reporting they’ve decreased their intake, according to a survey by the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. This news may come as a shock, considering how many of us are …

  • You Should Trust Your Gut – PART 2 – A Series on Stress, the Gut and Nutrients That Support Your Wellbeing by Dr. Deedra Mason, ND

    The obvious support nutrient for digestive health is probiotics. I love to say, “Bad gut bugs do not take a day off, so why should good gut bugs?” It’s not just me—probiotics have long been regarded by researchers, clinicians, and nutrition experts alike as the “heavy lifters” in aiding the gut in overall health. Everything from chronic bowel complaints to antibiotic associated diarrhea and skin health has been linked to the microbiome and the benefits of probiotic supplementation. New evidence …

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