nutraMetrix® Isotonix® Multivitamin with Iron - Single Bottle (30 Servings)

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This Multivitamin for multi people🤗

Multivitamin for multi people 😊 I started first with my 90 years old father and I saw the difference 😊now I’m taking it and my children start taking it every day before going to school we can see multi difference 😊There’s nothing more important for me than taking care myself and my family on a daily basis 👍 This is the best for the best people🤗


Life Changer!

I’m someone who has some genetic issues that cause my body to struggle to absorb certain vitamins. Unfortunately, these issues also cause me to have low levels of those same vitamins. :( On top of that I’ve always had a hard time handling any pill form of vitamins. They make me sick to my stomach and certain ones have been known to cause me to vomit in the mornings. But I desperately needed the vitamins that I was deficient in. Enter Isotonix! This is the only vitamin I can take without discomfort. And my body is actually absorbing them because my levels are finally slowing going up. Yay!!!


Wonderful Multivitamin!

The Isotonix Multivitamin with Iron is great! Isotonix has been a game changer. I have Lupus and I am so pleased with the positive change in my overall health and energy!


  • Shop Consultant

boost up energy

after i drink it together with B complex... i feel so energize


  • Shop Consultant

Body Needed Nutrients

Due to hectic schedule and not being able to have proper meals with all nutrients needed, multivitamin supplements are defintely a must-have. Love the isotonix form which is value for money for high absorption.

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