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  • Customized Wellness:
  • nutriPhyiscal
  • Isotonix Custom Cocktail
  • Transitions
  • AutoShip
  • Optimal Health Optimal Health
  • The 21st century is stressful and fast-paced, with unhealthy air and water, not to mention adulterated foods. The Foundation of Optimal Health Regimen�

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  • Vision HealthVision Health
  • Declining vision is a result of the normal aging process. In fact, the leading cause of blindness in Americans age 60 and older is simply age. Why should we wait�

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  • Blood Glucose MaintenanceBlood Glucose Maintenance
  • Every year we are faced with weight gain and sedentary lifestyles. With more food and more fat, we see widely fluctuating blood glucose

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  • Bone and Joint HealthBone and Joint Health
  • Active people as well as the elderly often need joint support. The Bone and Joint Health Regimen includes nutraMetrix Isotonix� Calcium Complete and our glucosamine�

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  • Energy and Endurance HealthEnergy and Endurance Health
  • No better nutraceutical combination can be found for healthy hepatic function than in the nutraMetrix� Liver Health Regimen. Nutrametrix Curcumin Extreme��

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  • Female HealthFemale Health
  • The Female Support Regimen includes nutraMetrix� Female Support Formula for menopause and premenstrual syndrome (PMS). This...

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