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We understand that most “diets” don’t work. Typical diets tell you “what” to eat instead of teaching you “how” to eat. However, when it comes to long term health, it is all about lifestyle, and addressing specific your specific healthcare needs. nutraMetrix TLS® Select is a customizable and comprehensive weight loss program that provides your Health Professionals with the tools necessary to guide you on your weight loss journey. It is a clinically supervised, sustainable weight loss solution provided by nutraMetrix Health Professionals. This systemized weight loss approach is based on current and cutting edge research, which will provide lasting results for your health.

TLS® Select begins with the four basic components of the TLS® Weight Loss Solution Program: Low Glycemic Impact Eating, Improved Body Composition, Effective Supplementation, and Healthy Lifestyle Education. The uniqueness of the plan is that it allows your nutraMetrix Health Professional to add and customize additional components based on your specific needs. By building a weight management program around the core components of TLS® Select, your Health Professional will provide fast results in a clinical setting to keep you motivated, confident and engaged in order to accomplish a long-term solution for keeping the weight off!

Your Health Professional will customize the program to meet your needs. Program options include, but are not limited to: physician visit(s) which include weight and body measurements, body composition analysis, nutritional plans, recommended physical activity, laboratory services, prescription medication (if required), educational videos and photographs. Additional services, such as the Gene SNP® DNA Analysis, are also available for each program. All program options also include weekly or monthly consultations and measurements, daily communication, supplementation, an educational guide and support meetings.

If you feel like the TLS® Select Weight Loss Solution is a good fit for you, speak with your nutraMetrix Health Professional today!

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